Target Markets

Last modified Apr 1, 2023
Target Markets

Ready can bring solutions to individuals and businesses. For that reason, we target both B2C and B2B segments.

B2C Segment


Crypto Asset Owners

Crypto assets now serve the purposes of investment and payment to an increasing number of people worldwide. There were 295 million crypto users globally as of 29 December 2021, almost tripling from 106 million in January. It is forecast that the figure will reach 1 billion at the end of 2022. The cryptocurrency market has been highly active with a total market cap of more than 1,322 billion USD, 24-hour transaction volume of nearly 97 billion USD and more than 19,000 cryptocurrencies traded on 525 exchanges (as of 30/5/2022). The NFT market also proves its growing attraction with a total trade volume of over 16 billion USD in Q1 2022.

Following the triple-digit growth in 2021, the value of payments worldwide using cryptocurrencies will skyrocket by 70.5% and exceed 10 billion USD by the end of 2022. In 2023, this value is estimated to rise by another 55.4% to surpass $16 billion. Payments in cryptocurrencies are accepted by leading companies in many sectors such as Microsoft, PayPal, Starbucks, and Gucci.

Increasing global crypto owners and crypto adoption rate (Source:
Increasing global crypto owners and crypto adoption rate (Source:

The growing popularity of crypto assets for both investment and payment means an enormous demand for a platform where people can learn, share, and communicate about this new class of assets. They also need an efficient management tool that can save time, money, and effort. Ready is such a place. We offer a full-fledged communication space: users can send and receive their crypto assets within messages, have 1-1 conversation, and join communities in channels and groups while staying pseudonymous and safe from data breaches. Moreover, the multi-chain compatibility, intuitive design, and user-oriented features allow Ready to be a desirable crypto asset management tool for all users whether they are novices or experts in this new world.


High-net-worth Individuals and Security-conscious Users

Besides crypto enthusiasts, high-net-worth individuals and those who are concerned about the security of their identity and data will most likely appreciate the features of Ready. They can enjoy connecting with others yet have their information and assets protected.

Communication flexibility with the vibrant community that Ready offers is another attraction. By designing an economic incentive mechanism accompanied by the natural social pull, we motivate each user to bring value to others. As such, Ready users can access diverse, high-quality content and social interactions.

In general, Ready aims to become the go-to messaging application for crypto owners and then leverage that position to become the go-to messaging application for everyone. Ready brings more convenience with better security.


B2B Segment


Crypto-friendly Businesses

There is an emerging trend of businesses embracing the disruptive future that crypto assets are creating. The motivations behind this trend are the benefits that businesses can derive from accepting payments in stablecoins, Bitcoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies. The most notable advantages are lower transaction fees and shorter processing time especially in cross-border payments either to foreign vendors or to remote employees. The resulting higher profits, less payment delay, better financial stability, and smoother operation are meaningful to all businesses, especially the smaller ones.

Being more crypto-friendly also helps businesses extend their customer base and get ahead of their competitors. They can attract new customers worldwide who would prefer using cryptocurrencies to pay for products and services in order to avoid the nuisance of completing international settlement processes. As shown in the B2C Segment section, this new type of money is gaining increasing traction as a means of payment. In fact, 92.6% of cryptocurrency owners and 58.7% of non-owners would consider making purchases in cryptocurrencies.

Lower risks of chargebacks or fraud compared to credit cards is another key driver behind this widespread adoption. Leveraging the immutability of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, which means no possibility of customers canceling their payment yet making a successful purchase.

Besides the aforementioned factors, there can be other reasons leading to businesses owning and transacting in cryptocurrencies or crypto assets in general.

Purchases and interest in purchasing using cryptocurrency, by generation and product categories (Source: PYMNTS)
Purchases and interest in purchasing using cryptocurrency, by generation and product categories (Source: PYMNTS)

Similar to the case of individuals, the growing importance of crypto assets for businesses creates a need for a versatile platform where both asset management and communication can be conducted efficiently and securely. The role of such a place is even much more significant for businesses due to the size of their portfolio, the volume of their transactions and communication as well as the threats and consequences they may face from data breaches and other cyber attacks. Ready can well satisfy this need, simplifying the normal processes and protecting businesses from hackers.


Other Businesses

Even for businesses that are non-crypto owners, Ready is still a powerful tool where they can flexibly build and strengthen their community using different forms of communication: 1-1 chat, group chat, and channel. Each form has its own strengths, is secured against eavesdropping attempts, and can be equipped with Ready Assistant Chatbots.

Furthermore, showing corporate consciousness of customer privacy and security can become a competitive edge for Ready business users.



Employees also benefit from using Ready: their data are fully protected (they do not even need to reveal their phone numbers), they can connect with anyone whose wallet address they know, and they have access to a vibrant community where participants are encouraged to share knowledge as well as bring value to others.

Additionally, they can instantly get their paycheck no matter where they are (particularly helpful in remote working models or multinational companies), conveniently send and receive crypto assets via messages, and easily manage their crypto assets, all in one.