Membership in Paid Groups and Channels

Last modified May 29, 2024
Membership in Paid Groups and Channels

Ready aims to build a strong and vibrant community where knowledge is spread, information is shared, connections are established, and opportunities are opened up. Therefore, we encourage all ecosystem participants to create and contribute high-quality content to the community: we offer different forms of discussion (direct interactions, groups, and channels), management tools, and financial incentive mechanisms.

Ready enables group and channel owners to set the required amount of RDY that another user must pay to join their spaces. The default fee is 0 and customizable.

The owners now have both natural social motivation and financial incentives to maintain smooth operations, organize enjoyable conversations, provide exclusive content, and bring great value to other users. They also have a fund from the membership fees to build strong operational teams and to use better tools for their groups and channels.

Nevertheless, this by no means implies that free groups and channels are any less helpful to members. Setting these communal, social spaces as free or paid entirely depends on the owners’ perspectives and strategies. Ready gives different choices as such to increase flexibility for both content creators and other users.

RDY Utility RDY is required to be a member of a paid group or a paid channel. Example Use Cases 1. User A, an experienced investment advisor, wishes to build a community where he can share his knowledge of DeFi as well as update crypto market movements so that other investors are able to make more informed decisions. To mitigate sock puppet accounts, User A creates a paid group that requires a minimum amount of RDY as the membership fee. In this group, participants can receive User A’s technical analysis on DeFi investments, initiate and join lively in-depth discussions, and observe people’s responses to current market trends. At the same time, User A sets up a free channel that provides financial literacy to anyone interested. In this channel, he writes posts explaining basic to advanced financial concepts. Reactions and replies from members are clustered under each post, enabling members to easily find the information they need. 2. User B, a recent graduate, would like to learn more about personal finance so she subscribes to User A’s free channel. Posts in the channel help build a solid foundation for her then she decides to join User A’s paid group as well. After paying the membership fee in RDY and getting accepted, she participates in discussions and sees different viewpoints on the recent market changes. 3. User C, an economic research analyst, and User D, a blockchain engineer, have been active members of User A’s paid group from the beginning. User A contacts User C and User D directly via the Ready 1-1 Chat and invite them to be content creators for his group so that members can have more high-quality discussions on diverse topics from different angles. They share the membership fee collected. They also use the fees to hire a Ready Advanced Assistant Chatbot for efficient group management.