Anti-spam Filter

Last modified Sep 23, 2022
Anti-spam Filter

Spam is still a common problem that messaging application users encounter every day, especially for those who are influencers in a community. At the same time, there exists a real need among users for reaching out to people outside of their network for connection, advice, or mentorship and many are willing to receive such messages of connection initiation as well.

To prevent spam while facilitating users’ network growth, Ready offers an economics-based anti-spam filter by allowing users to get RYT upon replying to “cold” messages and contact requests from someone outside of their network. Specifically, a user can set the minimum amount of RYT that needs to be deposited by others outside of his network to reach him directly (the default amount is 0 and customizable). If he (i.e., the recipient) responds to the message, the deposit will be forfeited to him.

This mechanism makes spam attempts more costly and helps improve the quality of direct messages.

RYT Utility RYT is deposited and transferred to the recipient from a sender outside of their network when the recipient replies to the sender’s messages. Example Use Cases 1. User A, a software engineer, wishes to connect with a blockchain high profile (User B). Since User B sets the minimum RYT requirement for a new connection, User A has to deposit at least that amount but in return, his message is less likely to end up among spam and he has a good chance of receiving responses from the high-profile user. Upon replying, User B gets the RYT deposit. 2. User C, a social media influencer, would like to connect and interact with her fans but she is concerned about spam messages; at the same time, she desires to monetize her fanbase. The anti-spam filter by requesting RYT is a simple but effective solution to her needs.