Sticker Market

Last modified May 29, 2024
Sticker Market

Stickers have become an integral part of conversations on messaging applications. They can communicate a wide range of emotions and thoughts, much more than text could in one single action. They can also reduce social friction (if any) in conversation initiation. Some users simply love collecting sticker sets for various situations. Briefly put, stickers help facilitate enjoyable and engaging communication in virtual environments.

Stickers are preferred by people of different generations, especially the millennials and upcoming Gen Z. It is not uncommon to pay for sticker sets. For example, the messaging application Line generates annual direct sticker sales of more than 215 million USD, which is not their entire sticker business yet, with 4 million designers from hobbyists and part-timers to professional studios (Line Corporation Financial Statement, 2020).

In Ready, we offer many free sticker sets for Ready Communication features. Additionally, to better satisfy the diverse demands and to bring even more benefits to Ready ecosystem participants, we encourage creative activities by building the Sticker Market where anyone can make and sell sticker sets to others. Payments can be made using RDY.

Stickers here take many forms including static, animated, and video. They can also be made to order.

RDY Utility RDY can be used to pay for sticker sets on the Ready Sticker Market. Example Use Cases 1. User A, a great fan of the character X in a film series, wishes to use stickers of X for all conversations. She browses the Ready Sticker Market to find a set having her favorite X’s expressions and then downloads it after paying in RDY. She considers those stickers her personal touch in virtual communication. 2. User B, a marketing professional, loves designing as a hobby. With the Ready Sticker Market, he can have another source of income while enjoying his free time activities. 3. User C, a casual user, wants to give his friend a personalized gift for her birthday. He searches on the Sticker Market and sees some sets of the style she may like. Then, he directly contacts the artists via the Ready 1-1 Chat to order custom-made stickers and sends the sets to his friend upon completion.