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Web Release Notes


Last modified on November 20, 2023

November, 2023


We launched the official Ready App on IOS!

Download the app here The Android version will be available shortly, stay tuned for our updates.

What’s New

  • Overall, we kept the main idea of the Ready vision: building a powerful messaging application with crypto wallet integration
  • We’ve refined the UI, making the user experience more smooth
  • We introduced more security and customization features
  • Refine the chat experience and integrate wallet integration features

$500 App Review Competition (until December 5, 2023)

  • We also launched a $500 fun giveaway

February, 2023

What’s New

  • We launched Beta Program (Phase 2) centered around our new Web-based Smart Swap feature on Testnet.
  • You can win up to 3,000 USDT. Check out the program details here.

Smart Swap Beta Program

There will be several phases to this Beta Program. We will start off with swapping on our website on testnet, and as we iterate & further develop further, we will start allowing swapping on the mainnet and on our mobile app.

Please find the details here.

December, 2022

What’s New

  • We wrapped up Beta Program Phase 1 and will be announcing details about Phase 2 really soon
  • We grew 1,200+ organic followers on Twitter & 500+ organic followers on Facebook.
  • We introduced Ready version 1.0.2 with some new features to our Homepage, Chats, and Wallets

App Updates

1. Swap Across Tokens

We’ve introduced the swap function under Wallets. Essentially, this is a smart algorithm to find the best trading route with the most favorable exchange price for every swap request. To use this feature, go to your wallet, press on Swap, and input the transaction details.


For more details, go to link

2. Create Your Profile

You can now change your profile photo, create a unique user name, and choose your First & Last name on the app.

3. Homepage Nudge Content

On our homepage, we added some new nudge content every time you enter the app. Some are funny, some are informative, and some are just to make you feel better!


November, 2022

What’s New

  • Over 1,000+ people participated in our Beta Program
  • We ranked #6 on Product Hunt & reached 60,000+ entries on Gleam
  • We’ve introduced 2 more rounds of feature updates to the Ready app

App Updates

1. Multi-device Login

  • Users can now scan the QR code to log in the same account in multiple devices while still having synchronized data
  • We’re allowing up to 5 devices at the moment.

2. Chat Improvements

  • We allowed the feedback message inside feedback chat to be copied easily
  • We added animation & style for the sending of text messages

3. Bug Fixes

  • The app will no longer crash when you send voice messages
  • No more failure to display length of voice & video messages is now gone
  • No more empty logo in add-member's search list
  • No more failure to log in with Seed Phrase or Private Key

October 27, 2022


Small app fixes for Beta:

  • Enabled registering Gleam email in Ready Feedback chat
  • Animated reactions popped up from holding messages
  • Implemented smoother chat history scrolling

October 5, 2022

What’s New

  • We launched our Beta version on iOS and Android.
  • We are actively accepting feedback, ideas, and suggestions for the Ready Beta.
  • We’re hosting a Beta Reward Program where you can get rewards for meaningful feedback on the app.

The Features We’ve Built So Far

1. Pseudonymous and Seamless Account Management

  • Account Generation Based on Non-Custodial Crypto Wallets Only
  • Randomly Generated Chat Accounts and Chat Names
  • Face ID & Touch ID Login for Existing Users

2. Secure and Encrypted Messaging

  • Default End-to-End Encryption in 1-1 Chats
  • Group Chat for up to 1,000 Members
  • Three Default Ready Chat Groups and Channel

3. Multi-Chain Wallet and Asset Management

  • New Wallet Generation
  • Existing Wallet Import and Multi-chain Wallet Management
  • Crypto Transaction via Wallets and 1-1 Chat
  • Simple and Up-to-Date Market Watch

You can view these feature updates in detail at Ready Product Updates: What We’ve Built So Far.

Download our Ready Beta App for iOS (Testflight), Android, and join our Beta Program now!