Our Beta Program is open now!
Ready Beta Program
Help us build the next-generation messaging app of more privacy, security, and versatility!
💡 What's New?
  • We"ve launched our Beta app version on TestFlight and Google Play. Download now by following the instructions below.
  • We welcome all feedback, ideas, and bug reports. Let us know via the Ready Feedback chat in our app. For other support, please post to Ready Forum.
  • To recognize your contribution, we are offering tons of rewards during this beta program. Check out the details in the Rewards section.
  • Our white paper is now available here.
How to Join
Click the button below to enter the program and complete all required actions. Doing so indicates that you agree to provide your email for further steps.
Note: You should use mobile devices to join Ready Beta Program.
Your actions in this Beta Program should include:
  • Install and try out Ready Beta.
  • Send us bug reports, ideas, or any other feedback via in-app Ready Feedback channel.
  • Like and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Join our groups on Discord and Ready.
  • Invite at least 1 friend to use Ready.
We don't impose any hard cap on the total rewards a participant can earn: the more you can contribute, the more rewards you will get!
Upon participating in our beta program, you can receive:
  • 7 USDT for completing all actions (including friend referral and at least 1 valid feedback).
  • 5 USDT for each valid feedback from the second onwards.
  • 30 USDT, 20 USDT,  and 10 USDT for ranking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the monthly ranking chart.
  • 25 USDT and 15 USDT for winning monthly lucky draws.
  • 50 USDT and 30 USDT for winning the major lucky draw at the end of Ready Beta Program.
About This Release
After months of iterations and internal testing, we've got a brand new mobile version for you!
The new version includes a vast range of upgrades and performance improvements for existing private messaging flows as well as new features for seamless crypto transactions and wallet integrations.
Ready Beta is now live and free to test on iOS and Android. We're welcoming testers and early members of our Beta community now.
For iOS
  1. Install TestFlight on your device.
  2. Install Ready on TestFlight (the same link,  Step 2) or Update if you have previously installed our previous version.
For Android
  1. Install our Beta App here.
  2. Follow the steps as instructed.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many winners will there be?
  • How do I become qualified for the rewards?
  • Is there a maximum entry number per participant?
  • Is there a maximum value of rewards per participant?
  • What counts as valid feedback?
  • Do I have to complete the feedback action right away on Gleam or can I do it later on Ready?
  • Can I send my feedback via Ready Feedback chat if I don't join Ready Beta Program?
  • Will I be identified with my email?
  • If I win, how can I receive the rewards?
  • If I import my wallet from somewhere else, will the assets inside of it stay safe on Ready?
  • How will the result be announced?
About Us
We build the next-generation messaging app with crypto wallets integrated, using leading-edge technology. Friendly to crypto owners and non-crypto-owners, individuals and businesses.

We are operating with a small team of nearly 20 technology professionals and growth hackers in the field of blockchain and security.
Our Mission
Our mission is to change the way messaging is done. We believe that privacy and security are not simply about protecting users' personal information. It's also about not collecting any in the first place.

We make sure that our users' conversations are safe from malicious actors and eavesdropping attempts, even in groups and channels, which is hard to find elsewhere.

Our vision is to build an app space that offers more convenience, greater benefits, and better security.
Key Features
Ready is a secure, efficient, and powerful messaging application with multi-chain crypto wallets integrated. You can check out our white paper here for details on the product.
No Personal Data Collected
No need anymore to provide your phone numbers, email addresses, or any other personal information upon account creation or in subsequent steps. Stay pseudonymous in your virtual interactions.
Easily Transact & Track Crypto Assets
Create, import, and manage multiple crypto wallets of different blockchain networks in one Ready interface. You can also send and receive crypto assets (including but not limited to native tokens, ERC20 tokens, and NFTs) in 1-1 chats. No need anymore to switch back and forth between applications or even within one.
Conversations Encrypted By Default
Secure all your data in 1-1 chats, private groups, and private channels with default end-to-end encryption. Even group and channel discussions are now protected against any eavesdropping attempts, which is hard to find elsewhere.
Flexible Communications
Connect with one another in different ways including direct messages, groups, and channels, each having its own strengths. You can join, create, grow, and manage your social interactions at ease.
Optimally Exchange Your Digital Assets
Get the most advantageous swaps with the lowest costs and the best slippage resistance thanks to the Ready smart routing algorithms. No more manual calculations and arrangements to identify and execute on the best opportunities available on the market.
Active Support
Have your own assistants throughout the journey with Ready. These assistants are customizable chatbots communicating through simple commands and interactive interfaces.
Vibrant Community
Get the most advantageous swaps with the lowest costs and the best slippage resistance thanks to the Ready smart routing algorithms. No more manual calculations and arrangements to identify and execute on the best opportunities available on the market.
Contact Us
For any inquiries, you can let us know by posting to Ready Forum. We'll get back to you shortly.