Ready for Secure Conversation
Encrypted Messenger
Instantly send text and voice messages, share files, and even make borderless payments. Designed with end-to-end encryption, protecting your conversations against any eavesdropping attempts.
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Flexible Communication
Connect with one another in different ways including direct messages, groups, and channels, each having its own strengths. You can join, create, grow, and manage your social interactions at ease.
Vibrant Community
Surround yourself with like-minded, willing-to-share people. Ready encourages community building and contribution by offering flexibility, support, and a user-centric incentive structure.
Active Support
Have your own assistants throughout the journey with Ready. These assistants are customizable chatbots communicating through simple commands and interactive interfaces.
Instant Payments Anywhere, Anytime
Send and receive crypto assets (including but not limited to native tokens, ERC20 tokens, and NFTs) in 1-1 chats. No need anymore to switch back and forth between applications or even within one.
End-to-End Encryption
Secure all your data in 1-1 chats, private groups, and private channels with default end-to-end encryption. Even group and channel discussions are now protected, which is hard to find elsewhere.
Interested in a secure and powerful wallet-chat app?
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