Ready for Efficient Asset Management
Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet
Transact and track your crypto assets all in one place no matter what chains they are on. Only you have complete control of your funds; no one else can, not even Ready.
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Effortless Portfolio Management
Import and track multiple crypto wallets of different blockchains in one Ready wallet interface. All information about the assets and the transaction history of each wallet is directly collected and updated from nodes of the corresponding chain and reliable open-source portals, guaranteeing accuracy and no additional costs.
Complete Control of Your Assets
Keep your crypto assets entirely under your control. The Ready Wallet is non-custodial: only you can access your funds; no one else can, not even Ready. You can also choose to use services from our partners such as Locker Password Manager for easier credential management.
Instant Payments Anywhere, Anytime
Send and receive crypto assets (including but not limited to native tokens, ERC20 tokens, and NFTs) in 1-1 chats. No need anymore to switch back and forth between applications or even within one.
Updates on Market Movements
Stay up to date with the latest information about the crypto asset market using the Ready Dashboard. Rates and prices are constantly updated and presented in the form of intuitive charts and statistics for better-informed decisions.
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