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Ready is a secure and efficient messaging application with crypto wallets integrated. All built with leading-edge technology.
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All in One:
A Powerful Messaging Application
One-stop access to communication and crypto asset management.
More convenience. Better security.
Ready for Secure Conversation
Encrypted Messenger
Privately message and transact with one another. You only need to know either their wallet address or their QR code.
Your messages, files, and transactions are protected against data breaches and censorship, with end-to-end encryption in direct messages, groups, and channels.
Ready for Efficient Asset Management
Multi-chain Crypto Wallet
Easily import and manage multiple crypto wallets of different blockchains in one Ready wallet interface. Or you can choose to create new non-custodial Ethereum wallets here. Ready also enables optimal cryptocurrency swap using smart routing algorithms.
Ready for Better Privacy
Pseudonymous Account Generation
Provide only a wallet address (previously generated elsewhere or newly created using Ready) to register and authenticate a Ready account. We do not collect your phone number, email address, or any other personal information.
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