Ready - Chat & Swap in One Place
What is Ready Smart Swap?
Ready Smart Swap Beta Program
Notice: this program has ended. Check your Ready wallet to see if you have won rewards!
Ready Beta Phase 2 is now live on testnet and as a Web version, featuring Ready Smart Swap (a DEX Aggregator).
Join us now as Beta testers to earn rewards of up to 3,000 USDT and be a part of the excitement!
How to Join
Step 1. Fill out this opt-in form.
  • Applicants will be whitelisted, and selected applicants will receive an invitation email granting access to our Beta Program.
  • We'll announce your admission via and other general updates in this Discord channel.
Step 2. Join our Gleam Competition
  • Please log in using the same email you submitted in the opt-in form.
Step 3. Authenticate in Ready App
  • Download Ready App and create an account. If you're already a Ready user, you can skip this step.
  • Go to your app account, click the Beta Program, and input the email you used in the opt-in form to authenticate: follow instructions here
  • You will get notified by Ready app once successfully authenticated.
Step 4. Test Our Swap Web
Note: To complete step 4, you're required to complete EVERY feedback form popping up after you swap.
  • Rewards are real USDT deposited into your main wallet in Ready.
  • Keep an eye on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) & group chats (Ready App, Discord) for updates on reward announcements.
First 50 Testers Each Gets 15 USDT
First 50 users who complete all actions will get 15 USDT each. Rewards will be announced and sent every 2 weeks.
Top 3 Testers Each Gets 35, 25, 15 USDT
At the end of our testnet beta, top 3 users with the highest swapping volumes will receive this prize on top of other rewards they may already get. A leaderboard will update top rankings and stats in real time.
4 Lucky Testers Each Gets 15 USDT
4 random rewards of 15 USDT each will go to lucky winners.
Frequently Asked Questions
Have additional questions about Ready Smart Swap Beta Program? Check out this FAQs section.
If your question is not answered there, create a thread in Ready Forum to let us know.
About Ready
Ready is a new-generation messaging app with a Smart Swap feature (i.e., DEX aggregator). Use Ready as one-stop access to all your trading needs - chat, swap, and manage your crypto portfolio in one place.
Join Ready Swap Beta Program!
Become a beta tester for our Web-based swap program on testnet, provide feedback, and win up to 3,000 USDT rewards.