Ready: A Messaging Application with Crypto Wallets and A DApp Browser Integrated

Last modified Aug 17, 2022
Ready: A Messaging Application with Crypto Wallets and A DApp Browser Integrated

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is considered the coming stage of financial markets. The state-of-the-art technology of blockchain empowers DeFi by solving the problems of decentralization, transparency, and integrity. Getting more involved in DeFi brings a critical need for a user-friendly, efficient, multi-chain crypto asset management tool. Besides, people strongly demand a secure communication space where they do not need to reveal their identity and are shielded against data breaches. This demand exists in both crypto asset owners and non-owners.

However, most platforms have not paid enough attention to fulfilling both these needs in one place for users to enjoy convenience while staying safe. For now, a common approach is that people execute transactions and manage their crypto funds in one platform and have to switch to another for communication or for market updates from chatting groups. Financial activities and communication are separated although they are meant to be mutually supportive. Not only does this practice bring unnecessary complications and nuisances, but it also jeopardizes the security and privacy of the people involved since the currently most popular messaging applications require users’ personal information such as a phone number to create an account or initiate a new connection.

Ready offers one-stop access to communication, asset management, and DApp exploration. Various tools are integrated within Ready so that Ready users can have a versatile, powerful, efficient, and secure platform. There is no need anymore to switch back and forth between applications. Instead, for example, users can utilize the information they get from discussions in Ready Chat, then turn to Ready Swap to buy and sell their crypto assets for profits or for payments. They can even use the same Ready Chat to transfer their funds to others via messages without leaving for anywhere else. In fact, Ready Communication can be used for many social interaction purposes, not necessarily related to investment or any particular topics.

Ready is built to address the challenges that users encounter in the decentralized world. Focusing on minimizing friction and maximizing user value, Ready offers the optimal solutions to users’ needs in terms of time, cost, effort, and also security along with privacy. All features are developed with a user-centered mindset to be as intuitive as possible so that Ready is friendly to any users no matter what stages (from novices to experts) they are in their journey with this new world. Ready’s key features make it helpful to a wide range of customers; more details on the features and the prospective customers are available in the Key Features and Target Markets sections.

Ready aims to become the go-to messaging application for crypto asset owners and then leverage this position to become the go-to messaging application for everyone. Ready can be described as a hypercube comprised of numerous smaller cubes: users have their own spaces to manage their crypto assets and, at the same time, can create and join communal, social spaces of any size, of any topic as they wish. Our vision is to build a place that offers more convenience, greater benefit, and better security.