Key Features

Last modified May 29, 2024
Key Features

Ready is a secure, versatile, and powerful messaging application. Ready enables users to communicate, transact, and access the decentralized world, all in one. Ready users can enjoy a seamless experience with more security and better privacy.

ONLY a wallet address (previously generated elsewhere or newly created using Ready) is needed to register and authenticate a Ready account. Users do not need to provide their phone number or any other personal information; thus, their identity is safe from data breaches.

After account setup, users can freely explore Ready features.


Ready Communication - Actively Facilitate Social Interactions

Ready 1-1 Chat - Privately Message and Transact with One Another

Ready provides a full-fledged chatting tool for one-on-one conversations: users can send text and voice messages, share files, use emojis, stickers, and GIFs…; they can even make transactions effortlessly here.

Sending and receiving crypto assets via messages are described in more detail here. Simply put, users can transfer their funds with notes to the other party in their one-on-one conversations; the transactions and notes will appear as part of their chat history.

It should be emphasized that all data in the Ready 1-1 Chat is fully protected thanks to the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) technology, which is also integrated into many popular chat applications known to be the most secure.

All Ready 1-1 Chat features are designed based on the Signal protocol, proven and widely used on E2EE messaging platforms. This protocol is effectively implemented in Ready so that all information exchanged by users is kept completely confidential and shielded against any eavesdropping attempts by third parties; even the Ready team cannot read the information. Safe as it is, the Ready 1-1 Chat is expeditious and straightforward.

Users can also choose to back up their conversations in the Ready 1-1 Chat periodically and locally on their devices; the frequency is set by them.


Ready Group Chat - Freely Communicate with Groups of Friends

Users with similar interests can set up groups to discuss.

  • In public groups, as the name suggests, messages are public, not encrypted. They can be read by any Ready user.
  • In private groups, however, Ready uses E2EE with the Signal protocol similar to 1-1 chat to secure information transfer from the sender to all recipients. Therefore, even group discussions are now protected against data breaches. This is one of the features available exclusively on Ready, not on most other messaging applications.

Ready also equips the group administrators with tools such as Ready Assistant Chatbots to easily manage their groups, facilitating smooth operations and enjoyable conversations.


Ready Channel - Effectively Broadcast News to Subscribers

Besides the Ready Group Chat, users can create and join communities with the Ready Channel. Different from a group where participants can send messages all at once, a channel is to share information relatively one-way from admins to subscribers. Subscribers can still react and reply to each news but those reactions and replies are clustered under the corresponding news.

Groups and channels are useful for different purposes of communication. While groups facilitate lively discussion and interaction, channels help highlight news and organize responses. Ready offers both to well meet users’ needs. Accompanying groups with channels or vice versa is also a great method to build and strengthen a community.

Similar to groups, there are two types of channels:

  • In public channels, messages are accessible to every Ready user, not encrypted.
  • In private channels, messages are encrypted using E2EE with the Signal protocol. As a result, they can be read by the channel subscribers only, making eavesdropping attempts impossible.

Ready also provides channel administrators with tools such as Ready Assistant Chatbots for more effective management.


In addition to developing the aforementioned useful tools for community growth, Ready also encourages content-creating activities by designing and integrating the Ready token RDY into the whole ecosystem. Such a combination of tools and RDY will help build a vibrant Ready community where knowledge is spread, information is shared, connections are established, and opportunities are opened up.


Ready Asset Management - Easily Transact and Track Crypto Assets

Ready Wallet - Efficiently Manage Multi-chain Crypto Portfolios

The Ready Wallet allows users to import and manage multiple crypto wallets of different blockchains in one Ready wallet interface. All information about the assets as well as the transaction history of each wallet is directly collected and updated from nodes of the corresponding chain as well as from reliable open-source portals, guaranteeing accuracy and no additional costs. Users only need to select the wallet and types of information they need; then, the Ready Wallet will present the most up-to-date results to them. They do not have to manually browse different websites, compute the statistics, and make complicated calls to each chain's nodes to get the needed information.

Users can also create new crypto wallets using the Ready Wallet. It should be noted that these new wallets are non-custodial: users own the private keys and, therefore, have complete control over their crypto assets, with which Ready cannot interfere. Wallet generation in Ready uses the ECDSA algorithm popular in Ethereum-based blockchain networks. This algorithm is capable of generating an exceptionally large number of wallets; for that reason, the probability of duplicates is outstandingly low and the addresses are all different. Every wallet created using Ready is fully compatible with Ethereum-based blockchain networks and operates in exactly the same manner as those from renowned non-custodial wallet generators.

Furthermore, Ready offers users the option of storing the secret keys with our partners such as Locker Password Manager. This will bring more convenience to users in managing their passwords, keys, or secret data in general and minimize the risks of users losing the secret keys then losing access to their funds.

Ready supports wallets in multiple chains: Polygon, Binance BNB Smart Chain (BSC), and Ethereum are currently on the list. More chains will be added over time.


Ready Trade - Instantly Transact Crypto Assets, Even via Messages

Ready users can send and receive crypto assets (including but not limited to native tokens, ERC20 tokens, and NFTs) in the interface of either the Ready Wallet or the Ready 1-1 Chat. If they choose to transfer the funds via messages in the Ready 1-1 Chat, the transactions and notes involved are shown and kept as part of the chat history; at the same time, changes in balances are reflected in their Ready Wallet.

No matter which option users choose, the underlying mechanism is always consistent with intuitive designs that are friendly to both novices and experts. Transactions in Ready are carried out by directly interacting with chain nodes for lower costs, higher speeds, and no third-party interference. Transaction details are presented to users before and after each transaction.


Ready Swap - Optimally Exchange One Cryptocurrency for Another

The Ready Swap helps users get the most advantageous exchanges with the lowest costs and the best slippage resistance thanks to the smart routing algorithms. These algorithms use the information continuously updated from the liquidity pools of the world’s largest decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to identify and execute on the best opportunities available on the market.

The Ready Swap feature shows users the optimal route to get their needed cryptocurrency. Manual solutions are normally too time- and effort-consuming, or even infeasible in the volatile crypto world where rates and prices change within seconds.

Before swapping, users can also customize other parameters such as the desired rate and slippage tolerance then Ready will show them transaction information including options of routes, details of sub-transactions, and total transaction values in a user-friendly interface with visual illustrations.

The Ready Swap supports exchanging many popular tokens on Polygon, Binance BNB Smart Chain (BSC), and Ethereum. More tokens and chains will be added to the list over time.


Ready Dashboard - Constantly Stay Up To Date with Market Changes

Ready Dashboard collects the latest information about the crypto asset market for users’ convenience. Rates and prices are constantly updated and presented in the form of intuitive charts and statistics (for example, top crypto gainers and losers), helping users easily keep abreast of market movements to make sound investment and transaction decisions.


Ready DApp Browser - Directly Access the World of DApps

With the growing trend of decentralized applications (DApps) as well as Web3 utility, the Ready DApp browser can serve as the gateway to a wider experience of the decentralized universe. Users can explore and make use of these new tools.

The Ready DApp Browser is integrated right into the Ready Wallet on both iOS and Android versions. With just a simple click on the browser from the main screen, users will be able to instantly access the world of DApps. Moreover, it is time- and effort-saving as the Ready Wallet can automatically connect the chosen DApps with the user wallets, of the corresponding blockchains, in each Ready account.

The Ready DApp Browser is developed with a fully mobile-optimized interface for users to seamlessly access and interact with their favorite DApps and DeFi services. To bring more convenience, it has features such as

  • Favorite DApps: Users can save their favorite picks to their own list which they can refer to whenever needed.
  • DApp Search Bar: Besides URL, users can enter the name of the DApp they are looking for.

Ready Multiple Account Login - Effortlessly Handle More Than One Account

Ready allows logging in to multiple accounts on the same device, serving a common need of owning more than one account for DeFi activities and/or communication.

With the Ready Multiple Account Login, it is more flexible and private for many users to participate in the Ready network. They probably set up one chat account for personal purposes of contacting friends and family while another one (or other ones) can be used for professional interactions. They can also have an account for their own trading and another for transacting on behalf of someone else (for example, their company). For those who desire to separate the scopes of account activities as such, the Ready Multiple Account Login is a feature of efficiency improvement.


Ready Assistant - Promptly Improve Efficiency Throughout the Journey

Ready Assistants will accompany users throughout the journey with Ready. These assistants are bots developed to provide support in different situations. Familiarizing new users with Ready’s features and helping existing users to efficiently and automatically manage chat groups, schedule channel posts, get notifications of market trends... are some examples of the tasks that a Ready Assistant can handle.

The Ready Assistant is available via simple commands in the Ready Chat, or from interactive interfaces in some other specific features, all to create the best user experience possible.