Executive Summary

Last modified Aug 1, 2022
Executive Summary

Ready is a new-generation messaging application with a crypto wallet and DApp browser integrated. ONLY a wallet address (previously generated elsewhere or newly created using Ready) is needed to register and authenticate a Ready account. Ready users do not need to provide their phone number or any other personal information; thus, they can have more security and better privacy within a seamless experience.

This white paper describes both the product and the token. Ready offers communication flexibility (1-1 chat, group chat, channel), efficient crypto asset management (wallet, trade via messages, swap, dashboard), DApp browsing, multiple account login, and assistant chatbots.

The Ready token (RYT) is the utility and governance token for the Ready ecosystem. The issuance of RYT supports the user-centric incentive structure that we design to benefit all participants. This includes the anti-spam filter, membership in groups and channels, sticker market, governance, and more to come.

With the features and values that Ready brings, Ready can fulfill the needs of a wide range of users from individuals to businesses.

Ready aims to become the go-to messaging application for crypto asset owners and then leverage this position to become the go-to messaging application for everyone. Ready is designed as a hypercube comprised of numerous smaller cubes: users have their own spaces to manage their assets and communicate 1-1; at the same time, they can create and join communal spaces of any size, of any topic as they wish. Our vision is to build a place that offers more convenience, greater benefit, and better security.